Capital Destruction Services is a Canberra based business that provides paper recycling, secure paper and media destruction to the ACT and surrounding NSW region.

Capital Destruction Services offer a wide range of options for your information destruction needs. Our services include:

  • Recycle Paper Bins
  • Secure Paper Bins
  • Destruction of media material and Product Destruction including:
    • Hard Drive
    • Photos
    • X-ray Film
    • Bank Cards
    • Mobile Phones
    • Uniforms – clothing, badges, hats, ect
    • Promotional Material – pens, caps, rubber and plastic products
    • Merchandise

Service Options

Capital Destruction Services offer service with or without our labelled bins;

  • Services without our labelled bins are Specifically designed for year-end clean-outs. This service is a great option when you have information taking up space that you want to take care of responsibly and quickly. All we ask is that you tell us how many boxes you have, the address, and we will complete the job.

  • Services with our labelled bins are designed for home, small and large business. If you have paper you need to have destroyed and don’t want the expense of using file boxes to prep your material then this is the choice for you. Capital Destruction Services can deliver bins to your home or office so you can sort your records when you find convenient. When the bins are full, your job is complete, we will shred the contents and you can rest assured this sensitive information will be destroyed

Service Frequency

Based on the specific requirements of your office, we will help you determine a shredding service frequency. Once the frequency is established, we place no charge secure collection bins and automatically schedule your service, arrive at your location on the pre-determined day, and service the collection bins we have provided you. If your requirements change for any reason, we can alter your service schedule or change the number of secured collection containers at your facility.